Call Centre Services

Are your calls overflowing? Is your business making the most of each and every enquiry, both day and night? Our call centre services are open 24/7, offering a welcoming, friendly and professional team to handle your business enquiry, whatever the call volumes.

Let Answers enhance your company image, maximise call capture and increase customer satisfaction. We’re simply there when the phone rings, every time.


Call Overflow

Are you receiving too many calls on any one day for your company's team to handle or maybe your receptionist's called in sick?

With a simple diversion plan, all calls or just excess calls can divert directly to the Answers team, who answer your call personally in your company or trading name, establish the caller’s needs, record details and offer to have their call returned shortly.

Additionally, with more scope, the Answers team are able to provide or collect information, call out personnel from a roster, escalate the call, transfer to another number, take an order, or simply take a message.

Boost up your service and never miss another call! 

More calls, more business, more success!

Messages are sent instantly via mobile text (SMS), email, pager, personal outcall, web or direct phone transfer.

Copies of call details are sent daily, weekly, monthly, or as required.

Make enquiry

“As our engagement with Answer Services draws to a close this month, I wanted to extend my thanks for the professional service provided by you and your team. Since the commencement of our contracted arrangements in 2007, Answers have been a trusted service delivery partner for Housing New Zealand and a great support for our customers, responding to their needs efficiently and professionally. I am proud of the approach used by our teams to deliver a service that meets the needs of Housing New Zealand's tenants and applicants, many of whom are vulnerable members of our communities. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.” — Kay Read General Manager Tenancy Services Housing New Zealand Corporation