Specialist services

Answer Services has two call centres located in Auckland and Christchurch, and provides a range of specialist services including Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, client support for District Councils, GPS alert response and lift phone monitoring. 


Employee welfare

Staff safety whilst at work is a fundamental right of every employee, of every company. The burden of managing this responsibility can be eased by allowing the Answers team to check on vulnerable staff constantly.


GPS alert response

Answers advanced technology is able to receive a GPS alert signal and have it responded to by one of our professional call centre team.  

Contact is immediately made with the staff member to determine their safety and the Answers team following a predetermined procedure in providing assistance.


Business continuity support

Should your communications be affected by an event at any time, the Answers team of professional call handlers are available to handle your incoming calls, providing service to your client base. 


District Council assist

Answers professional call centre team understands the Council service culture and the importance of dealing with the local community, communicating clearly, locating the correct information and escalating assistance if needed.


Lift phone monitoring

The Answers call centre team, in both Auckland and Christchurch, have been providing lift phone services to hundreds of companies for over 51 years.

“I just wanted to thank you for your presentation on Thursday, all of the network were discussing this area which is the outcome we wanted so well done! It has been great working with you both and I thank you both for your patience around the project, it was a very worthwhile project and I look forward to future campaigns with you.” — Michelle Marks Manager - Franchise Operations Quest Serviced Apartments (NZ) Ltd