Specialist services

Answer Services has two call centres located in Auckland and Christchurch, and provides a range of specialist services including Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, client support for District Councils, GPS alert response and lift phone monitoring. 


District Council assist

Over the 51 years of operation, Answers are proud to have supported many of the country’s Local, District and Regional Councils in their call management at some stage.

In times of a severe weather event or natural disaster, the Answers team have well practised models to ensure high call volumes are captured and service provided.

Communication with Council contract staff and maintaining clear lines of information is forefront within the Answers team.

With two call centres located in Auckland and Christchurch, Answers has the capability to assist Councils, Local and National Government at anytime.

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“You guys are just amazing. Years roll by and it’s just so great to have you as our team” — Ardmore Airport