Answer Services ( NZ ) Ltd established in 1964, has been providing Call centre assistance, to New Zealand Corporates, Small business, Government corporations, Local bodies and District Councils for well over 50 years.

Through introducing into the New Zealand market, the first internationally recognised commercial call centre platform, as well as constructing the first private mobile Telecommunications Network, Answer Services is credited with being the company at the forefront of initiating true competition, into the State controlled Telecommunications market. From this point others followed.

Today as strongly as ever, Answer Services remains committed to the task, of providing cutting edge solutions to client need, through it two 24 x 7 call centres strategically located, in both Auckland and Christchurch for Business Continuity reasons.

Answer Services today, is recognised throughout industry, as the longest established, most stable and trusted, outsourced call centre services provider, in the country.

Answer Services currently provides service to clients throughout Australasia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.


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