Call Centre Services

Are your calls overflowing? Is your business making the most of each and every enquiry, both day and night? Our call centre & telephone answering services are open 24/7, offering a welcoming, friendly and professional team to handle your business enquiry, whatever the call volumes.

Let Answers enhance your company image, maximise call capture and increase customer satisfaction. We’re simply there when the phone rings, every time.


TV, radio & media

The promotion is set, the target market is about to respond but who’s answering the calls?

Answers dedicated team can handle your enquiries, deliver the details, engage your callers and take the orders.

With online credit card processing available, orders and messages can be delivered immediately or the next day.

Answers never close, we won't miss a call and are available 24x7.

Call details are delivered via mobile text (SMS), web transfer, personal out calls or VPN access in CSV format if required.

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