Answer Services ( NZ ) Ltd established in 1964, has been providing Call centre assistance, to New Zealand Corporates, Small business, Government corporations, Local bodies and District Councils for well over 50 years.

Through introducing into the New Zealand market, the first internationally recognised commercial call centre platform, as well as constructing the first private mobile Telecommunications Network, Answer Services is credited with being the company at the forefront of initiating true competition, into the State controlled Telecommunications market. From this point others followed.

Today as strongly as ever, Answer Services remains committed to the task, of providing cutting edge solutions to client need, through it two 24 x 7 call centres strategically located, in both Auckland and Christchurch for Business Continuity reasons.

Answer Services today, is recognised throughout industry, as the longest established, most stable and trusted, outsourced call centre services provider, in the country.

Answer Services currently provides service to clients throughout Australasia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.



“You guys are just amazing. Years roll by and it’s just so great to have you as our team” — Ardmore Airport
“As our engagement with Answer Services draws to a close this month, I wanted to extend my thanks for the professional service provided by you and your team. Since the commencement of our contracted arrangements in 2007, Answers have been a trusted service delivery partner for Housing New Zealand and a great support for our customers, responding to their needs efficiently and professionally. I am proud of the approach used by our teams to deliver a service that meets the needs of Housing New Zealand's tenants and applicants, many of whom are vulnerable members of our communities. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.” — Kay Read General Manager Tenancy Services Housing New Zealand Corporation
“I write in support of Answer Services who have completed many campaigns for me as Sales Manager, Retention Manager and Operations Manager at three major corporate companies in New Zealand. They are accomplished in Small Enterprise, Residential and Business to Business calling and have made the targets we have set for them. The thing that sets them apart is the impressive reporting that is provided and the relationships they drive with their clients throughout the campaigns, They understand sales and will advise where a campaign needs to be tweaked and make positive suggestions to ensure success. They do what they say they will, on time and to a specification. ” — Rowena Sykes, Operations Manager, Premier A Grade Insulation Ltd
“When our Auckland Duty didn’t know what to do with a Northland callout, your operator showed initiative and thank you so much for this. Good work and thank you for using your initiative and looking that up. If it were not passed at all, we would have been stuck. ” — Karen, Mobil Dargaville/Laser Plumbing callout
“I just wanted to thank you for your presentation on Thursday, all of the network were discussing this area which is the outcome we wanted so well done! It has been great working with you both and I thank you both for your patience around the project, it was a very worthwhile project and I look forward to future campaigns with you.” — Michelle Marks Manager - Franchise Operations Quest Serviced Apartments (NZ) Ltd
“Thank the middle of the night operator. Definitely very helpful. Outstanding and will not be forgotten.” — Graeme at Singer Electrical
“We thank all of you for the great service you provide.” — Michelle – Paramount Services
“Luxury Airport Shuttles (Tauranga based) are so impressed with our service that when another Shuttle company visited them from Auckland, they gave this company all our details because of our continual fabulous service. ” — Lisa-Marie Short, Luxury Airport Shuttles
“Waikato Pump Services have been with Answer Services since 17 July 2017. Adam (owner) advises that he is pretty chuffed with the service. This works better than any system they have ever had. There is no dropping the ball at their end any more and that’s really important leading into Spring.” — Karen, Waikato Pump Services