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Outsourcing to a Call Centre: What are the Benefits?

Is outsourcing calls to a call centre worth it for small to medium sized businesses? Running an SME in New Zealand is an exciting yet onerous challenge with time and resource management being the key to success. For SMEs who depend on delivering an exceptional customer experience but also have resource constraints, outsourcing to a professional call centre can provide some significant benefits:

Avoid Missed Calls, Leads and Opportunities

The frustrations for Kiwi customers of not being able to get through to a company (or being left on hold for too long) can be highly detrimental to a business, both in lost sales and reputation. However, most small companies assume they can't afford dedicated resources to cover sales, reception duties, marketing promotional enquiries and out-of-hours answering services.

Adding Flexibility to Your Human Resources

As anyone who’s owned a SME knows, it’s a tricky balance trying to manage resource overheads and generating new business. 

Activities like marketing promotional campaigns or outbound sales are resource hungry and often these activities are only run at certain times of the year. Hiring permanent staff to cover these requirements is expensive so this is where engaging the services of an outsourced call centre can be of real benefit. 

They can be contracted for hours, days or months and cover a full range of services so you can simply use them when you need to.

Personalised, Local Knowledge of New Zealand

Being confident that someone else will be able to look after your customers as well as you, is a common obstacle to engaging in outsourced services. So is trusting they will have the knowledge to answer questions or deal with issues professionally. 

That’s where finding a call centre that’s local is really important. You can expect them to work with you to get to know your business and explain in person how their service works. Building a good relationship is key to ensuring the service they provide will meet your expectations.

Quality Assurance

Another common misconception is that outsourcing means you will lose oversight to how your business enquiries are being dealt with.

Actually it’s the complete opposite as New Zealand call centres usually provide regular (daily/weekly) reporting updates and make random recordings of phone calls to ensure a high level of service is being maintained.

You will most likely gain more insights into who your customers are and what they are asking for than if you were handling the calls in-house yourself.

The Cost of Outsourcing Calls

It sounds expensive but it’s not!

It’s surprising how little it actually costs to use a professional New Zealand call centre especially when you consider the additional revenue your business will generate by providing outstanding service and follow up on every sales opportunity.

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