Terms & Conditions

General Service Standards

ANSWER SERVICES shall ensure that it meets the following general service standards.

  1. perform the Services with appropriate skill and care, in accordance with the standards of best industry practice and to a high quality consistent with work of a similar nature to the Services;
  2. work with The Client in an efficient and co-ordinated manner;
  3. will use its best endeavours to overcome any delays (howsoever caused) in performing the Services;
  4. ensure that it (and its employees, officers, contractors and agents, and the employees and agents of its agent and contractors) cause as little detriment, inconvenience and damage to The Client and third parties as possible;
  5. not make any statements to the public or any other person about The Client or The Client’s relationship with Answer Services (NZ ) Ltd or the provision of the Services unless approved by The Client;
  6. Provide all necessary equipment (including the certification of equipment where required) to undertake the Services;
  7. maintain proper business, accounting and financial records;
  8. Services provided by Answer Services (NZ) Ltd. shall only be performed by Answer Services (NZ) Ltd. employees who are qualified to perform the required services. Answer Services (NZ) Ltd. agrees that its employees will provide services completely and correctly and in accordance with applicable service standards;
  9. not make any statements or conduct business in any way so as to jeopardise the reputation of The Client;
  10. not make any commitments to the public, or any other person, unless approved by The Client.
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